When I started my business I was wondering why am I special, why people should watch or listen what I have to say, why should people follow me? What is my special power that I should share with others?  And talking to my mentor I realized that “I am the people’s hope, and that I can help others that have the same fears that I have had and I have overcome them. In the last five years I have made everything I could to brake all my fears and limits. And in this process I was watching and studying me and the people that were joining me. In the beginning I took personally the fact that people are quitting. I thought that I am not doing the right things, that I am not good enough to sustain and inspire them. So I started to pay attention at what are the things that makes people to not have success and to let go their dreams.

There are many causes, but today I will approach the most 4 important and common:

  1. People care about other’s opinion

We are really scared about what others can say and think about us. Although at a logical level we know that’s stupid, because when it comes to problems, friends are not going to pay our debts or for our kid’s school or our invoices, so we continue to not take action, because of what they think. And many times, at a deeper level, it’s all about self-esteem and all the programs that run into our subconscious mind from all the things that we have told ourselves for many years, or been told by our parents, or teachers or co-workers. But you should know that people opinions are wrong, because 90% of them are running the same programs like us. In the end, opinion are cheap and people give free advices on something that they have never done! And also be aware that all the successful people did it on their own, without carrying about other’s opinion (look at Edison, at Steve Jobs, Jim Rohn). But if you really need an opinion you should ask people that are already doing what you want to do, and assure that those people are successful.

  1. Most people prejudge their results

Most of the people when they start a business they want results right away and if it’s not happening they quit. They have forgotten that they needed at least 8 years to 12 years or more of study (school study) in order to become a specialist and to start working and making money. They do the activity for a couple of months and they don’t see the results they have expected and they stop or quit. Even a mother needs nine month in order to give birth and many of them expect to become millionaires overnight. Yes, nowadays you find a lot of people that are spamming and bragging with thousands of USD in 60 days, 90 days. If they really have this results, you should ask them how many years they have spent learning and not making any money before they have start earning thousands? If you are not happy with your results, and you are doing the work, and you are with the right system (a system that has helped other people to achieve what you want) ask an expert: look, this is what I do, should I worry now?

  1. People don’t do enough work in their business

Even though people are very scared about their future, and they are looking for ways to change current situation, they say that they are too buzzy and don’t have time to secure their lives. Everybody is buzzy and everybody has 24 hours, but procrastinating your own future is called suicidal. Thinking of what you can do and not really doing is called mental paralysis .Your job in your business is to assure you do the work, you take action. Your agenda is the most important thing. You should always put in a business, what you are expecting from it. If you need money you need to put money, if you need time than you should put time. There are so many solutions nowadays for time leveraging and creating passive income streams, you just need to make a research, find what you like and start doing the work.

  1. People forget why they are in the business

If something good happens at work, like a raised salary or a promotion to a next level, they start becoming inconsistent in their business or they stop, because is much easier to turn back in your comfort zone, rather than challenging your soul and your mind every day. And the most important thing, is that they forget that they really wanted the time and freedom.

So, if you are thinking of stopping or quitting just take some time and look at this 4 causes:

  1. You care about other’s people opinion
  2. You are prejudging your results
  3. You are not doing enough work
  4. You forgot your goal

In this five years I wanted to quit so many times, because it is hard to live in failure, it is hard to give up your free time and not seeing any results; to look into your family’s eyes knowing you don’t have results and bagging them to believe in you and to trust in your decision. Whenever I was saying to myself “that’s it, I quit”, that “maybe this is not my way”, “maybe I should turn back on my job”, “maybe I should try another business “, I was looking at this 4 causes and asking myself again: “which of them does affect me this time?”

And most of the time were a combination of them. Don’t abandon your dreams, you are not alone!


Ioana Balanescu

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