In today’s article “The Magic Words To Selling and Sponsoring”, you will learn how to sell twice as much product and recruit twice as many leaders.

This training has been held by Sonia Stringer few years ago. She is a network marketing trainer, legend & Internet superstar.

Quickly Grow Your Biz and Double Your Results!

Imagine if you could:

motivated feelings

  • BOOK twice as many meetings …
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How much more money will you be making in the next six months?

I don’t know about you, but I like to make a lot of money without having to work hard.

So, would that be a  great goal for you if you will work with the following skills and you will boost your income without having to work harder?

Would that be cool?

When you will use “The Magic Words To Selling And Sponsoring” taught by Sonia, these will be your results!

So let’s dive into …

top 3 mistakes


If what you will learn further is new for you, I encourage you to work on these skills, if there are not new for you, then I encourage you to master these skills because this is what are doing all the multiple six and seven figures network marketers that are using online strategies.

The classical mistakes that everybody is doing in the beginning when they are in front of their prospects:  

mistake 1


When we’re in front of our prospects, we tend to talk about our products and business.

And what happens when you do this is that you’re speaking in a foreign language for them, especially when you are using jargons.

So, unfortunately most people don’t get it!

For them it’s information, it’s feature and even if in some way it makes sense, they are not really connecting with what this can mean to them. looking for the problem

It’s important to learn and to always remember that: Unconsciously every single person is walking around and looking for something they can benefit from.

And every time they need to take a decision they’re thinking: What’s in it for me?

And if you want to be efficient and influence people you have to keep this in your mind.

The last thing you want to do is speaking about your products and your opportunity.

The ideal is to spent 90% of your time talking about benefits and only 5-10% about the features.

Your prospects don’t always want the same things you want!

Always ask yourself: Why would this person buy my product? Why would this person join my business?

Are they stay at home moms and need extra cash, are they working in a job and got home late every day, do they want to look good, fell great, have more energy, do they have an issue with their weight?

Because if you can assume what that person’s motivation is you are already halfway there.

You should be looking for the problem and offering the solution.

Whenever connecting with a person you should always look for their problems and you should concentrate on their benefits, on the results they want and need.

For example, my product can help you …destination

  •  … have younger looking skin
  • … lose weight and look great
  • … have more energy
  • … sleep better at night

My business can help you …

  • … save money on your taxes
  • … make $ while you sleep
  • … not worry about lay offs
  • … set up for early retirement
  • … spend more time with kids

THAT’S what prospects get when joining your team — the end result, not the business itself!

What helped me remember this concept is the saying…

“Sell the destination, not the airplane.”

I don’t know about you, but I have never booked a trip somewhere, keeping in mind the airplane that I was going to fly.

The same applies to your prospects and customers.

They want to know what’s in it for them.

They don’t necessarily care about the business and product that are going to get them there.

mistake 2


Yes, it’s important to talk about the benefits but if you are talking with somebody, especially online, You Need to Fire him/her UP!


As a matter of fact, what people care finally, is how it makes them feel.

Because people buy FEELINGS!

80% of our decisions are made by our feeling nature and then we back up these decisions with logic.

So instead of “my product can make you lose weight”  you should describe an experience: “my product will make you feel excited about the summer, because you will be in such a great shape, you’ll feel totally confident and sexy in your bikini…”.

Instead of “this  business can help you make more money”, you can say “this business can help you sleep better at night and feel much more secure that you will have enough money to retire comfortably…”

Maybe you’re speaking to a mom…

“My business can help you be able to stay at home with your kids, make money and no longer feel guilty because you’re missing out on their childhood”

The more specific and relevant you make these phrases and these messages, the more powerful they’ll be.

Consider that when you’re speaking to someone you’re “painting pictures.”

You’re creating images of the experiences that people want.

The more skillful you are at that, the more powerful your impact.  

mistake 3


You need to customize your message.

Imagine you are talking to somebody on the internet or on the phone and is asking you: “What are you doing for leaving?”

You can either can answer: “My business helps people to make more money and more free time…”.

It’s good!

But thinking he is a corporate executive and you could answer this way: I help corporate executives to fire their bosses, give up the commute, stay at home, and still make a lot of money”

Another example, if we are talking with a network marketer we can tell him “I help business owners to make more sales…” or we can say “I help network marketers build a team of hungry and driven leaders … so you can earn ‘gangster money’ and spend your days lying on a hammock”.

The more relevant and specific the message is for your prospect … the more influence you have.

Customize your message every time you are talking to somebody.

And the formula is:

“I help ______ to ______”  -> “I help (this kind of prospect) to (get the results and benefits they want)”

“I help ______ to ______ so they can ______” -> “I help (this kind of prospect) to (get the results and benefits they want) so they can (have these feelings)”

2 keys marketing


If you really want to create marketing messages that grab people’s attention, especially online, there are 2 very important keys.

These may not be brand new to you…

But I want to emphasize them again, because this is what I’ve seen make the difference between making a little bit of money online and absolutely crushing it.

know your prospect


And this is the most common mistake that people in network marketing and direct sales is making.

Because they think that almost everybody could benefit from their business, but the truth is that not everybody is our prospect and if we try market to everybody, we will convert nobody.

In the FREE 10 Day Resistance Free Recruiting Bootcamp you will learn how to tap into your prospect’s mind and how to make them to come to you instead of you chasing them.

I find that a lot of people don’t know who their market is, and it’s important to “clue in” on that, because your ideal prospect may be very different than mine.

Depending on your product, depending on the kind of business that you’re building, depending on who you have access to, your ideal prospect will vary greatly — even with the exact same product.

understanding your market


This is “detective work”.

Detectives get into the heads of the criminals to do their job.

And you’ve got to get into your prospect’s minds to do yours…

You must be able to understand your prospects very well, to profile them, to know exactly what their’s biggest problem is, what is painful for them, what they want more than anything in life, what benefits they want, what results and the most important how they want to FEEL.

I encourage you to take some time and really dig into this.

Make sure you have a solid idea of what your prospects and customers want. 

Once you do, you’ll find people respond very differently to you.

Please take these lessons seriously, because this is how you… Make Instant and Effortless Sales!

Internet is the most powerful resource for network marketers right everybody

When you nail the “two keys of amazing marketing messages” and avoid making the “3 classical prospecting mistakes,” sales and conversions become instant.

But if you don’t profile your ideal prospect and go after the wrong ideal prospect or you don’t have the right message is like having the wrong bait.

So it won’t matter with how many people will you talk to or how much traffic you will get to your site because you won’t convert very much …

And when you get it, you have the right market (prospect’s profile) and the right message you will have more sales, more money and people willl start following you…

Hope you have enjoyed Sonia’s Stringer training and if you’d like to learn how a multitude of network marketing leaders are using the Internet to sell and recruit, click here to gain FREE ACCESS to the 10-Day Online Rejection Free Recruiting Bootcamp!


Ioana Balanescu

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