Every day, someone reaches out to me because they want to know more about using the web for their business.

And the same thing happens every single time.

After a couple of exchanges, they start telling me how hard prospecting is.

How much they LOVE the business. But absolutely HATE to prospect.

How they’ve recruited some people, but can’t get them to stick, because many of them are the WRONG kind of people.

And in spite of being “excited” about the biz, overall they’re feeling down and somewhat disappointed with their results.

Or I should say – LACK of results.

It’s the same story each time.

I can honestly say…

I know the pain and can FEEL it in their words …

Because about a year ago, I was in their shoes.

Trying to keep my excitement and enthusiasm about the business and the opportunity. Yet totally frustrated, disappointed, burned out and even somewhat depressed.

Know what I’m talking about?

If you’re sick and tired of beating your head against the wall, use a ladder to climb over it.

And the ladder I recommend is this attraction marketing strategy.


Because it helps you navigate around all the wrong people, and find the right ones fast.

I found this attraction marketing concept more than a year ago. And it took me from a struggling network marketer (which was adding strangers and sending copy-paste messages, all day on Facebook and Linkedin, and cold calling for 2-3 hours per day  – with almost no results) to a happy networker that it’s attracting 10-20 high quality prospects per day, generating between 1-2 customers per day and about 4-5 people per month decide they want to become serious business builders with my help.

So let’s dive into:

Never Post Or Mention Things About Your Company Or Your Products, Always Brand Yourself

The first thing that I’ve learned when finding the attraction marketing strategy (which was very different from what my upline and my company was teaching me, and what most network marketers are being taught) was this:

“Never post or mention things about your company or your products, always brand yourself ”

From 2 big reasons:

  • First, you want people to work with you and to follow you because of your value and your leadership skills and the opportunity you are in, to be a plus …
  • And second, you want to create curiosity and want people to come to you asking you about what you have to offer, what company are you in, what products are you promoting …

How The Online Prospecting & Recruiting Process Works

This is how the online prospecting and recruiting process works and I am gone refer to it as a funnel from now on, because it funnels the perfect prospects for you.



So practically this funnel will help you to take people from cold market (people that you don’t know) and transform them to hot market, before you even met them.

Once people become hot market and they are reaching out to you asking you what company are you in or what product are you promoting, those people that are not happy where they are,  you can bring them into your network marketing company.

Probably you are asking yourself: How can I do this?

With this 3 steps system that I am going to explain you below.

This is an example from one of my online funnels that helps me to recruit passively new reps into my opportunity

Advertisement (Facebook Fan Page)

So, everything starts with a Fan Page on Facebook.

Why you will want to have one when it comes to building your business?

There are 2 specific reasons:

  • First, because on a personal profile on Facebook you can have only 5000 friends, and you don’t want to limit your business to this number
  • Second, because on the personal profile you have your friends, family, relatives and other persons that probably, don’t like network marketing and also, they are not a high quality or targeted audience.

On the other hand, on a fan page you can have an unlimited number of followers and practically they pre-qualified themselves to be prospects for your network marketing business.

By liking your fan page, it’s like they’re raising their hands saying “Yes, I want to see you on my timeline every day, I want to see what you’re promoting, I may be interested in what you have to offer”.

So, make sure you are using a Fan Page and you are branding yourself in this entire strategy.


Next step is to take people from your fan page over to your website and you do not have to be a blogger or technology savvy even, to set up something like this.

In the FREE Online Recruiting Bootcamp you will see how you can set up everything only with a push of a button, so you don’t have to worry about all these stuffs.

But you should have a website, and here is why:

“You need a place, in which people can get to you, in order to know, like and trust you, without actually reach out to you first.”

This blog here, that you are seeing is how I could turn cold prospects to hot prospects and reaching out to me instead of me reaching out to them.

By having a place where people can come to get to like and know and trust you, practically you are building that relationship with them virtually.

And this is all happening on autopilot and once they are getting to that point of hot market they are reaching out to you asking you about your opportunity or your product.

“The thing is that if someone doesn’t know and like and trust you ,they don’t want to do business with you and they won’t buy any product from you.”

That’s why a website that is branding you is so important and you don’t want to use your company replicated website, because it’s not branding you.

The second reason you want to have a website it’s because enables you to capture people’s information, whether it’s in the form of an email address or phone number.

Email Follow Up

And once people are on your list, you continue to build that relationship with them.

I want you to put your network marketing mindset tap on for a second and let’s think of this:

  • right now you are probably having to reach out to prospects one at a time, then you have to invite people to look at your opportunity one at a time, then you have to follow up one at a time and it’s a very long process to finally find someone that wants to join your business. (Not talking about the “awkward” feeling that you have when you start conversations with strangers with a hidden agenda.)

Now, let’s look at the recruiting process if you were to set up something like this funnel:

In the last year, since I’ve started building this email list I have over 3000 people that opted in to receive emails from me, so i am building relationships with 3000 people at once by pressing a “send to” button and I am able to invite 3000 people to take a look to my business opportunity at once, I am able to follow up with 3000 people at once, so naturally my business will grow a lot faster then the person who has to reach out to people one at a time.

That’s the power of attraction marketing and building a list like this!

You are gone be able to go to hyper recruiting and you are gone have tons of people wanting to work with you.

And all this starts by attracting that perfect prospects to you, as you will learn in the FREE Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

Is there anybody in your company that after they enrolled, in less then a year they are at the top of the rank?

What do you think they have that you don’t have?

And the answer is NOTHING, other then a network of people that knows and likes and trusts them enough to follow them no matter where they will go or with which company they will be.

And this is the same thing you will be able to set up and to have by learning and leveraging the Attraction Marketing Formula Strategy.