This article is for struggling network marketers or internet marketers and the only reason I am writing it is because I want to give you hope and to assure you that YOU CAN ACHIEVE ALL YOUR DREAMS AND GOALS.

If I could, anybody can!

I am in network marketing for more then 5 years now, back at the end of 2010 I started with big goals, motivation and enthusiasm…because all I wanted was to fire my boss and to have more time for the things that were important for me: family, kids, traveling and of course being significant in this life.

My husband also saw the possibility of time and financial freedom and we started to build our network marketing business together…we have done everything it was necessary and everything that our up line taught us…

We called all our friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, everybody until we finished our lists.

We had good results in our first year, we recruited 60 people directly,  made all most $40.000 in our first year, we reached leaders team level in our business…and everything happened in our first 12 months of business.

But after the first year, our warm list finished and we started struggling… after 3 years of business we lost our downlines  3 times and almost all our sponsors left the company and went in other business, stealing or confusing our teams…

So with desperation  we started prospecting online and offline, nothing seems to work, we were buying courses after courses, books after books, going to seminar after seminar, nothing was working for us…

But we were confident that in the end we will have success … so we put more time and more money on our business…

Our first child came in our life and we started making more and more debts and also it was time to re prioritize everything, because our daughter was needing all my attention…

So in this circumstances, my husband decided to leave his job for 1 year and build the business full time…something started to grow but not enough.

We were prospecting offline and online, calling 10-20 people per day and meeting 30 people per week, all most 1% from these people were joining us, but it wasn’t enough to create the momentum.

So in that year we recruited some new business partners and at the end of the year only 2 were still active.

For family’s financial sake my husband turned back to a full time  job so we were at the point of quitting our business because I couldn’t continue building this way.

I was not having the time and energy to continue meeting  people from cold market and gain their trust and make them to see the opportunity and also having time to raise our daughter and to prepare for the new boy that was going to come into our life …

And with the last resources of faith I started to  search all over the internet “how to build your network marketing business online without having to leave your home”.

As a matter of fact in my heart all I wanted was guidance, I was hoping to find a mentor to show me what I should do step by step in order to make money with my business without continuing to waste my time and everybody feel pity for me.

And God heard my pray and sent me the right community with the right mentors and coaches (Elite Marketing Pro).

I saw an add about how a Guy recruited over 1732 people in one month, into his MLM, all via this one simple strategy, attraction marketing.

He made some bold promises, that once I understood this concept, I would never have to chase people again. I would never have to call a lead again and people would be knocking on my door to join me in my business.

I couldn’t believe a word, but I wasn’t in the position of not checking the information.

To this day, I am thankful for my curiosity and desire to keep going.

I stayed up all night studying what attraction marketing was and is today from a ebook that I had bought for ONLY $47.  It was the best $47 spent in the last 5 years.

After reading the book, I discovered that behind this information is a community with network marketers and internet marketers and also that I have 3 FREE coaching calls that will help me to implement this concept into my business.

So I established  my free first call with skepticism and in the same time with big hopes …

I will remember all my life the way I felt after that 30 minutes of coaching, because it wasn’t a selling meeting, that coach was really carrying about were I am right now and were I want to be in my business and trying to see if Elite Marketing Pro can help me.

Keeping short I went through all these coaching modules and calls, I made all my homework.

Everything was new and overwhelming for me: how to create a fan page on Facebook and why I should have one, how to start generate traffic on the internet in order to generate leads (prospects), blogging, how to attract instead of prospect, lots of new concepts and terms, etc…

But EMP has courses, articles, tutorials and technical guidance step by step so I managed to generate my first leads (prospects) online without even having to talk to them …

All I have done I have shared on Facebook an article from EMP’s blog about Attraction Marketing and I added my affiliate id in order to make sure that if somebody subscribe I will receive his or her contact details ….

Because I started seeing results I started promoting Attraction Marketing Formula (the book) – if it’s good for my network marketing business, it can be good for every struggling network marketer.

Even though I knew that if I promote EMP’s products I can make 40% or 100% from every sell, depending on the status I choose, I was more then shocked when I woke up in a morning and saw that I have received $41 because one of my prospects bought the Attraction Marketing Book.

So, this  made me to want to upgrade to 100% from every sell (this is called a VIP status) …

For 2 reasons: 1. because I was really trusting in attraction marketing concept and  I wanted to share with every struggling networker and 2. as a 100% I was receiving more mentorship and guidance.

Next step after I upgraded I watched one of the courses for VIP’s only and I followed step by step what they showed me: started an ad campaign on Facebook for $5 per day in which I was promoting an Attraction Marketing article, written by Ferny Ceballos (my mentor and the author of Attraction Marketing Book)- I selected a targeted audience – I mean network marketers that are struggling and are liking Eric Worre and then waited to see what’s happen….

It was amazing: even though I wasn’t having any blog, I hadn’t written any article, I hadn’t made any follow up with my prospects, commissions started to come…

I have sold many Attraction Marketing Books (I mean the article have sold, not me), some of the customers decided to upgrade to 40% or 100% commission status and in 126 days since I upgraded to VIP I generated 436 leads (prospects) for my network marketing business and earned $9.873 in commissions….You can see in the picture the biggest commission made in  24 days…

So if you think right now, that EMP it’s a quick rich scheme or it’s a money making push button system or something like that or maybe I am lucky …well it’s not…

80% of those who are buying the AMF book or becoming affiliates with EMP are not having these results because they are not ready to spent time studying and developing new skill sets (it’s like in network marketing, it’s not different)…

So, I am not bragging, I am telling you sincerely, if you are  struggling into your network marketing business in finding the right partners for your business, in prospecting and in approaching the cold market, then Attraction Marketing is your solution and EMP can help you, but only and only if you are coachable, and if you are ready to invest time in learning and applying these concepts….otherwise it will be just another $47 spent and another book bought …

Happy Ending?

My development with EMP and Attraction Marketing just started …because even though I made and I am making money while I was and I am learning these new skill sets, now I am implementing everything for my network marketing business and it’s amazing how now I have at least one person per day that is asking me in which network marketing company I am and if I want to share my opportunity with him/her.

And I am very enthusiastic because I am not even at 30% from what my EMP’s mentors and coaches are teaching me to implement for my business.

I will finish this article, exactly the way I started: if you are struggling in network marketing or internet marketing I want to assure you that YOU CAN ACHIEVE ALL YOUR DREAMS AND GOALS.

If I could, You can do too!

I hope you got inspired by my story and this is just the beginning of great things to come for you.

After you take a look of the FREE 10 Days Attraction Marketing Bootcamp and if it’s right for you and you’d like to know more, make sure you connect with me on Facebook and I’ll be glad to help.

So go and click here to find out more about how you can build your business from your Home

See you in the next blog post where I’ll be sharing more on the How’s and a free training for you.


Ioana Balanescu

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