Ray Higdon is one of the top trainers in network marketing nowadays.

But few years ago, it was just a normal person without a job, struggling in a personal foreclosure and with $300 in his bank account.

He had found network marketing industry, understood it’s the solution of his Life but after hundreds of NO and all kind of old school offline prospecting and recruiting strategies discovered the Internet.

After attending lots of seminars and understanding the power of leveraging the Internet he went from almost zero in his network marketing business to becoming the no 1 Top Earner in his company in just 7 months.

Further you will learn his teachings about online and offline marketing and how to use them in order to grow your network marketing business.

Belly to Belly or Drinking Cocktails on The Beach ?!?

There are lots of people in the world that are more powerful and worth more than it shows in their bank account right now but they just need to understand how to use this information in their favor or they just need to open their mind.

Some people say: “this is a belly to belly business”, where others just want to be online, to attend no meetings and to build their business from a beach with a cocktail in their hands.

A combination of those two strategies is the key for success.

1) Don’t Hope out of Weakness and Have Strength in all you do!

Lots of people from network marketing choose online strategies other from weakness or from  perceived weakness.Copy of Copy of Copy of Etsy Shop Icon – Untitled Design

I am not willing to get better at talking to people so I’d rather hope for leads to come magically into my business.

If you really want to build an empire and you want to build it on your weakness you will not gone have a solid foundation.

Every single person that join something online is the warm market of somebody else and they would prefer to join someone that they know.

If your not calling your leads somebody will call them, because you are not the only one that they opted in in their funnel.

Most people think that if they go online they don’t have to talk to their warm market, but the vision of top network marketers is: you should talk to your friends and family but only when you don’t care the outcome (if they join you or not).  

And this is posture!

We have the opportunity to change this entire world, because we know network marketing is a better way, but most people don’t.

So we have to have posture, to spread this message – this is not begging for someone to look at your presentation, this is the attitude: – Hey do you qualify for my  time and my team?

If you are not talking to people that you know, you are being selfish.

There are people in your cellphone that right now are in foreclosure or have money problems and are looking for solutions, but your ego on possibly being rejected is so high so you won’t call them.

 2) Share Information with Posture and Attitude!

It’s not about chase, bag or bug them, it’s all about presenting our information to them, because there is people who we can help out.

Right now most of the people are working more then they ever worked and make less then they ever made.

In the corporate world is so simple, they know that they have 20 people waiting for that job and they won’t even complain working in weekends.

This is a better way and our job is to be evangelist of that and share it with people with posture and attitude:  

  • ” Just throwing it out there but would you be open to a side project that does not interfere with what you are currently doing?”
  • “Well, it may or may not be for you, but if you give me your contact information and email I will send you a little video, if you are interested, great, if not, no big deal.”

You have to have the mentality “who cares”! you have to, at least present the information and see if it’s qualified for you and your team.

Our jobs are 2: present information and provide options.

You don’t have to chase people!  

3) Call Your Leads and Create Relationship!

If you want to create a solid business, you have to call your Leads and create a relationship.

It’s a people business, it’s all about relationship.Copy of Copy of Copy of Etsy Shop Icon – Untitled Design-3

  • ” What has recently changed in your life that has you open to a home business?”

Is so much power in this line!

“What has recently changed” – you diggin for information, “that has you open…” – you assume that he is open for a business.

It’s not hard to talk to your leads, they opted in to talk to you, especially if they leave you their phone number, they want to talk to you, that is why they left it.  

4) Qualify Your Prospects!

Some of you will get this question:” What it’s all about?” and you should answer this way: “It’s about me interviewing you to see if you are fit for me and my time” and you can continue with: “Look! Are you even open to make money from home?”  Copy of Copy of Copy of Etsy Shop Icon – Untitled Design-5

But you need posture and attitude.

You are qualifying people, qualify them to see if they are worthy of your time.

And you know there are some people for which you need to have the power in you to tell them:“you know, I think this idea it’s not a fit for you”.

And this will make you to feel good. How do I know? Because right now, there are few people into your team that you know it would have been better if you would have told them they are not fit for you and your team.

5) LOVE People!

You can have success!

Everybody can have success, but first you have to decide, and is important to love people.

Because there are so many people that don’t like people but they like sales and love coaching, but understand: “Sales come when you can connect a lot of people”.

So focus on the people and all the rest will happen to you.

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