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Successful Online Entrepreneur and Network Marketer dedicated of helping others to fulfill their Entrepreneurial Dreams

How To Identify Your Perfect Prospect

    Many network marketers make the mistake of approaching their prospects with a “shotgun” mentality; they figure the wider and broader their marketing, the more people they reach, the more potential customers they’ll attract. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. “It no longer makes economic sense to send an advertising message to the many in hopes of persuading the [...]

Why Recruiting A Bunch Of People Won’t Get You Where You Want

  Few months ago, I had a wonderful conversation with a top earner in a fast growing network marketing company, named Laura. Laura and I, are part of a mentorship community, called  Elite Marketing Pro and just like me, she started working with them in order to help her to take her business building efforts online and supplement [...]

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Why I Choose To Attract Prospects Instead Of Chasing Them

  I am in network marketing for more then 5 years now, back at the end of 2010 I started with big goals, motivation and enthusiasm...because all I wanted was to fire my boss and to have more time for the things that were important for me: family, kids, traveling and of course being significant [...]

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3 Proven Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business, Using the Internet

They say attending events is the key to having success in network marketing and today, but there is one particular generic event I attended this past May which was a game changer for me. I was so excited to be at this exclusive event. And my excitement boiled down to ONE BIG REASON… If you [...]

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5 Keys to Become Successful in Your Business

  Ray Higdon is one of the top trainers in network marketing nowadays. But few years ago, it was just a normal person without a job, struggling in a personal foreclosure and with $300 in his bank account. He had found network marketing industry, understood it's the solution of his Life but after hundreds of [...]

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The “Magic Words” To Selling And Sponsoring

In today's article “The Magic Words To Selling and Sponsoring”, you will learn how to sell twice as much product and recruit twice as many leaders. This training has been held by Sonia Stringer few years ago. She is a network marketing trainer, legend & Internet superstar. Quickly Grow Your Biz and Double Your Results! Imagine if you [...]

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How I generated 436 High Quality Prospects and earned $9.873 in 126 Days with Attraction Marketing

This article is for struggling network marketers or internet marketers and the only reason I am writing it is because I want to give you hope and to assure you that YOU CAN ACHIEVE ALL YOUR DREAMS AND GOALS. If I could, anybody can! I am in network marketing for more then 5 years [...]

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5 Simple Steps To Explode Your Network Marketing Business Online

When I first started in MLM back at the end of 2010, all I wanted was to regain my time. So the first thing that I asked my upline was what should I do in order to make money and quit my corporate job? And they told me: Make a list of all people that [...]

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10 Reasons Why People Rest In Their Box And Fail In Business

Too many people wake up every day asking themselves what is wrong with them, why they cannot be successful and keep wondering if there can be some things they can do to get out of their box. How I know, because I was there too. There are so many reasons why people rest in their [...]

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Why 95% of home based business owners fail?

When I started my business I was wondering why am I special, why people should watch or listen what I have to say, why should people follow me? What is my special power that I should share with others?  And talking to my mentor I realized that “I am the people’s hope, and that I [...]

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