Have you ever reached your breaking point to feel fed up with your life, to wonder if there is a way to live it greatly?

I have always seen myself working in the corporate world, in a management position, making good money and travelling worldwide. Why so? Because this is how I’ve been raised, this is how I’ve been guided by school and because this is how millions of people see the success in life. So, everything happened how I planned, I was walking through my “success”, but after 7 years of corporate world, I looked back and made a summary: I was working 14 hours a day, surviving till weekend so I could rest and to replenish my strength and to start over again on Monday. I looked back and I have said: ”you are making money, but you don’t have any time to travel or for the man you love; your health is weak; a mental breakdown is just around the corner. Are you sure that you want a child so you could put him into nursery after 1 year and spend no more then 2-3 hours per day ? Are you seeing yourself bearing with this kind of life for the next 40 years? No!!! What options do you have?” I didn’t had any…

And then network marketing came into our lives. My father have seen the information and knowing that I am searching, made me wanted to see this possibility. I haven’t understood the vision of the business, I didn’t trust this business model but I have seen the possibility in recovering my personal freedom. I am working anyhow 14 hours a day, every day, but if it is true that I can work 20 hours a week and obtain the earnings that they are speaking of, then this is my chance.

We have started immediately, my husband and myself, we never thought at who will follow us or that the people won’t be able to see the freedom opportunity that we have seen or not even that we will not have the success we wanted. This is why, all the “No’s”, all the “not answering the phones”, the disappearing acts of some of our friends from our lives they were a real shock. But, instead of disappointing ourselves, it ambitioned us. In 1 year, without neglecting our jobs, working as many hours as before and doing 1-3 meetings per day, we have both reached the leaders team milestone, we have doubled my corporation income and so I have quit, after 1 year and a half of activity In my network marketing business. It was an incredible period, full with good and bad, period when I have helped a lot of people reach their targets, and so I am grateful for all the people that I have helped to regain their time and their balance in life. I have traveled in the most beautiful and exotic places, but the most valuable things I have learned from mistakes and fails, when from an inappropriate attitude, I have lost good people; when because my up line have decided to join another business and I have lost a big part of my downline; only then I have understood that to obtain the best results, it needs continuous effort.


In the moment our daughter has come into our lives, I have realized that I have to re-prioritize my time and to find ways to develop my business at the same level or even higher, but with less amount of time involved. I needed a system to leverage my time and my results. This is how I have discovered the power of social media and of the Attraction Marketing (that is to get leads, to attract people for yourself and your business, even when you are asleep). It took me more than half of the year to put them all together but in the end I have obtained the intended purpose. Now I am attracting 2-3 new people daily interested to see my business and monthly around 5-10 people are ready to join me and my business. The big gain is the time, because in the past I was obtaining same numbers, but allocating 4-6 hours per day prospecting on social media or joining 2-3 networking business meetings every week. Now I am spending 4-5 hours per week maximum and it can be done from any place in the world.

Mixing the online with the offline, helped us to boost our team and results. As a leader in network marketing I think is very important to embrace all these technological changes and to use them efficiently in order to grow our businesses.

What I’ve really learned in the last 5 years of online and offline business is that: if you are a coachable person, you have the right system and the right mentor you can be successful in any domain of your life. So you can find into My Tools Page, all the courses, books, tools that I’ve already tested and helped me  to grow as a leader and to boost my business online and offline.



I consider that I now have a balanced life, that I am successful in all its aspects. I am a happy wife sharing a true relation of love and marriage in the same time, we have a wonderful daughter which has just turned two years old and on its way, a new soul that we will meet in September.

We have a beautiful live (in a beautiful house, in a healthy location), we spend much time in family and we travel a lot annually, yet not as much as we would like, and it is obvious that we have a lot to accomplish. The most valuable thing is that we will raise our children in an entrepreneurial spirit, we becoming better and better and being better examples for our children.

Professionally, I am not top ranked in the 6 figure income a month or year from our business. We have reached 6 figures, but not in one year, but we are aiming to those results and the biggest goal is to take with me, as many people I can to this freedom road. It is not about the money, it is all about the connection of what you can do having the money. To be able to choose between spending the time with family without the need of selling your time somewhere else for them, and to be able to travel wherever you want, as long as you want, with whom you may desire. To be able to purchase whatever you want, without asking yourself if you can afford it this month. To become the proper person to make that kind of money and to wisely manage them and to teach others how to do that. It is our duty as human beings to break our limits, to be a better us, to inspire and help others. Life is too short to live it small and without discovering our true potential.

Nice to know you and dare to contact me if you feel that I can add value to yourself or your business.

Ioana Balanescu –  Dedicated to your Entrepreneurial Dream Success!