Lately lots of network marketers and affiliate marketers came to me complaining about a low rate of success in closing.

So, when I was this year at NO EXCUSES SUMMIT, in San Diego, one of the speakers Greg Gomez III, who has an experience of more then 7 years of cold market sales, and has made more then over 1 million soliciting cold calls, shared with us his 6 six questions which help him to close 90% from his prospects .

With  exactly this strategy, in the last 6 months I grew my success rate from 20% to 70%.  And only, in the last week, I have closed 3 from 5 prospects using Greg’s questions.


Most of networkers are starting their businesses because they are saturated with their lives.

Maybe they have money difficulties or maybe they want more time for their family, for their hobbies or maybe they just  want to be significant.

  No matter what the reasons are they are taking the decision to change something in their lives.

And they start their business with big motivations and expectation and they just forget what made them choosing that opportunity.

They start talking about their products or services, or about the compensation plan forgetting what were their inner desires when they started.

Yes, they loved the idea, the products, the services, but first of all they wanted a solution for their struggles (money, time, significance) and then considered that specific opportunity is suitable for them.

People don’t buy because of what we want to sell them, they buy because of what they need and want to buy.

  Instead of acting as everybody is our prospect and everybody is suitable for our opportunity it is better to select them with these 6 amazing questions.

This way you will find exactly what is their inner desires, motivations and what makes them not sleeping at night.


People have struggles in their lives. They have specific issues.

Your job is to find out what those are.

But DON’T OFFER ANY SOLUTIONS YET….you’re just trying to find out what is causing them to worry, lose sleep, stress and grumble.

For example, “I don’t have enough money”.

Once they’ve told you, ask the secret question, “What else?”

Keep asking until they have no more to give you.


You want to understand why overcoming this challenge is so important to them.

Why is it a challenge?

  It’s not that they don’t have enough money.

It’s not that they don’t have enough time freedom.

It’s the things that those things are keeping them from doing, being or having…enough money at the end of the month to save for a rainy day or treat the family; quality time spent with the husband/children/wife; the ability to not just afford, but enjoy retirement; pay for the kids’ education; pay for elderly parents’ care; travel; a home of their own.

  Having more money is not a solution. It’s a means to an end.

Your task is to find out, “What’s the end?”

Get as much details as you possibly can. Push for it.

  It can sometimes be hard work even getting people to see this….but until they do, you will NEVER get them to buy from you or join your opportunity.

Ask the secret question, “What else?”


Ask lots of questions within the questions.

  For example, what other events have you attended?

What other programmes have you purchased? What other prescriptions have you tried?

  Ask the secret question, “What else?”

Keep asking until they have no more to give you.

This is important because it helps you understand what they have invested in in the past.

  It gives you a barometer of what their price range is; and whether they have paid for solutions or if it’s all free stuff they’ve tried.

It tells you what they are expecting – and what offer to make when the time comes….but not yet.


Even though they will want to tell you about everything that didn’t work, first you want to keep them focused on all the positive stuff and the things that did work.

Do not let them lapse into the negative yet (they will want to!).

Ask, “what else?”

Keep steering them back until you get a good feel for what aspects of those solutions they valued…that will help you match your offering…but not yet.


This part will come easily.

  Be prepared to listen and take notes…write down exactly how they describe things, the language they use.

And reflect back what you have heard by repeating it to them. “So you really hated that there was no training?”

Use their exact words. Wait for the yes.

And ask, “what else?”


If you earn their trust, your prospects will tell you things they don’t tell their doctors, their partners, their kids, their personal financial advisers.

You will find the most important thing in the world – your prospect’s TRUTH.

And this is priceless!


And now he is open to really hear the solution and you are relaxed because you know what is he really looking for.  

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Ioana Balanescu

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