Have you ever heard this: “Prospecting is the key to success”?

And YES, this is true if you decide to build your business exclusively offline (the traditional way).

However, prospecting is not necessary anymore if you know how to effectively use the Internet.

But first, let me tell you about the double-edged sword of the internet and network marketing.

How it can both help you explode your business and at the same time seriously undermine your recruiting efforts….

The advent of the internet and social media has completely changed the Network Marketing GAME because it’s a time saver for any business owner, allowing us to reach many people with the greatest of ease.

We can work from home, send an email to 50,000+ people inviting them to buy our products or join our opportunities and make money on demand.

But the internet also has made sponsoring anyone with access to a computer extremely difficult.

Think about everything that can happen after you leave a meeting with a prospect who is excited and positive about your opportunity and:

  • He or she – googles your company name and finds a negative review
  • Finds a scam report about your opportunity or upline
  • Sees an ad online for another network marketing opportunity and becomes a lead for someone else
  • Discovers that one of their friends on social media is already in your MLM company and decides to join them instead
  • And what about after they join your business, try the home and hotel meetings, face the long drives to over-hyped events and aren’t making any money

Well, they are either going to quit or curiosity will begin to get the best of them and they start asking the question which brought YOU and me here, “Is there a way I can build this business online?

And this point you’ve lost them because what they are really saying is “I don’t want to build a business like this anymore!

The point is, by building your Network Marketing business only using traditional methods, achieving wealth and FREEDOM is a very difficult uphill battle, which will include more disappearing prospects and your downline dropping like flies like never in the history of the industry.

Unless, of course, you start to use the Internet to your advantage, instead of fighting against it!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy person in order to build your business online and to apply this 4 steps formula, that I will reveal it to you immediately. 

If you have a real desire to learn and you have a Facebook account, then it’s more than enough.

Normally, in the traditional network marketing the recruiting pipeline looks like this:

The problem with this approach is that it takes time and it’s a full of rejection and painful process.

Another big issue is that most network marketers spends lots of time chasing after one lead or few leads at a time.

And it takes a lot of work to maintain a relationship with all these people.

In other words, they need time to make a decision or the timing might not be right yet.

So there is no sense in waiting around for the first one to make a decision.

You want to have as many people as possible inside your pipeline so that more prospects come out of the other end as customers.

You want to stay in constant contact over time, so that you may build a relationship with your prospect, gain their trust and be there when they are ready to buy.

This is called “CRITICAL MASS”.

And this is how superstar sales people make multi-six figure income!

Instead of using the traditional pipeline that takes time and it’s painful you will want to leverage online tools to attract prospects for you, build and maintain the relationships for you through educational content, passively and on autopilot.


All the previous steps from the traditional network marketing pipeline can be replaced by the following 4 simple online steps and the recruiting process can be automated almost 100%.


So now let’s take one by one:

STEP 1 – Facebook

How to bring tons of visitors to you! How to bring the “eyeballs to the table”.

In the ‘old-school’ way it’s been done with the 3-foot rule, friends & family, door-to-door, cold prospecting, etc

With the help of  Social Media there are 2 strategies you can use.

We will talk about Facebook because it is one of the most profitable platforms right now and because it has 1.2 billions active users daily.

1. “Trap Strategy”(which is taught in almost all the Network Marketing companies):

  • Posting on Social Media all day about your business or your products
  • Spamming groups or forums
  • Writing articles waiting for someone to find your website
  • Private messaging people with your copy – paste formula

Time has proven that all these activities don’t work.

2. Professional Strategy

If you want to earn like 6&7 Figures Earners, you must adopt their strategies…

What do Professionals do? They use Advertising!

Let’s imagine “You are in the health & wellness industry and you are selling a product based on omega 3 and one of this product’s benefits is rebalancing body fat”.

So, you are looking for people who are interested in your product.

And you want to make them to come to you asking you about what you have to offer, instead of you chasing them.

Look how Facebook Ads platform can help you to bring prospects to you, instead of you approaching them.

This is an image from my FB Ads Account and we are looking to see who is already interested about the product (omega 3) in, let’s say Australia, because you are thinking to extend your business there.



So, as we can see, there are about 4 millions people which are already interested in this product.

Now we can target this 4 millions with an ad and they are all potential customers for you and your product.

So instead of walking like a “blind person” and prospecting everyone and anyone online and offline and spending time and being rejected, now because of your ad, this people will come to you giving you their contact information in order to receive more details about what you have to offer.

Can you see the big difference between traditional prospecting and this strategy?

This is the exact strategy that allowed me to generate over 350 high quality prospects for my opportunity in less than a single month and thousands in one year … without talking with one single person.

STEP 2 – ‘Contact Information’ Page

Is the doorway to your online network marketing empire.

In online marketing, there’s a special kind of webpage (called capture page) which will entice thousands of people to start sending you their contact information, so you can do the very thing you want to do:

Sell your products, services and opportunity to people who want to hear about what you have to say and buy what you have.

This webpage exists for one reason only: To capture the visitors’ contact information!

In exchange you can give them access to something for FREE: a report, a video presentation, a podcast, a blog post, a mini-course or a training webinar.

”Let’s get back to our previous example:”

Your FREE report might be something like ”5 Tips To Rebalance Your Body Fat In Just 60 Days”

Your visitors will submit their contact information in exchange to this short Free Report (5-10 Pages) where you are going to talk about those tips.

Into my FREE 10 Days Training you will learn how to create all these steps just with a push of a button.

Imagine if only 30% of 100 people who reach your page submit their info.

You just got 30 new red-hot prospects (leads) who are looking for what you have.

Who cares about the rest 70%?

If You Are Thinking To Use Your Company Replicated Website As A Capture Page, Don’t Do It, Because It’s Not Specifically Designed To Capture Contact Information And It’s Not Branding You

STEP 3 – Email Follow-Up

After your prospects come through your ‘contact information’ page and submit their information, they should be plugged into an automated follow-up process, so you can start building a relationship with them.

In fact this is much better to bring people to your Product Or Business Opportunity by educating them on the benefits over time than it is to say “This is good for You, Buy It!

As you may already know “People Do Not Like To Be Sold To, But They Love To Buy!

So with email marketing you are building a relationship with your subscribers by providing value and education which eventually grows to Trust, Respect And Expert Status.

You are leading your subscribers towards the solution you offer, without being pushy or sounding salesy.

Eventually your prospects will get comfortable enough to ask questions or even buy on their own.

And the best part is that this step can be almost completely automated.

STEP 4  – Business Presentation

This is where all the relationship building really pays off.

What you have now is not just a list of prospects, but a list of people who have gotten to know, like and trust you.

And that are now ready to buy anything you recommend them.

This is the perfect time to offer your Business Opportunity.

What’s important to understand is that you are now talking only to the most qualified people possible…

People that already bought into You and can’t wait to buy from You.

Who is most likely to join your team:

A stranger you just prospected at the mall or a person you are sending emails to since one month and that now knows, likes and trusts you?

At the end of your Business Presentation you will then give your subscribers a Call To Action.

Most of the times they will be ready to join your team straight away.

Other times they will simply become your customers and afterwards they might join your team.

Or you can keep following up with them through Email Marketing until the timing to take action is good for them.

If you are thinking right now that you are not an email expert and you have no idea what to write to them in order to offer value, don’t worry, into my FREE 10 Days Recruiting Bootcamp I will show you how you can put that on autopilot even if you haven’t written an email in your life.

Anyway, Big Success!

(Especially because you can get paid even though your subscribers eventually won’t join your opportunity!!)

This is THE BONUS STEP and you will find more information into my 10 Days Recruiting Training.

If you want to go deeper into each and every step and learn more about how you can automate the entire rejection free recruiting process, I will gladly give you access to the  FREE 10 Days Recruiting Bootcamp.

To Your Success!