Too many people wake up every day asking themselves what is wrong with them, why they cannot be successful and keep wondering if there can be some things they can do to get out of their box. How I know, because I was there too. There are so many reasons why people rest in their box, and if you are sincere with you, you will recognize all these things that keep you away from being happy with your life, from making a difference in somebody’s life, from being significant.  You must go out of your box, because you can and because so many people need your example.

But before, talking about the 10 most important reasons why most of the people rest in their box, let me ask you:

  1. Do you really want to be successful?
  2. Why are so few successful persons? (just 5% in the world)

If your answer is Yes, you will read all these reasons and will see why just 5% from planet’s population are successful.

So the most 10 important reasons why most of the people don’t get out from their box are:

  1. Confusion – most people that I talked to, don’t know what is that they really want to achieve. You have a blank canvas, you can draw on that canvas anything you want, that will give you a picture about how you want to show your Life and you have the right paint brush and the ability to draw it, but so many people won’t paint anything on that canvas. People are more prepared to tell you what they don’t want, instead of what they do want. And that’s backwards, that’s not the way life was designed to be lived. We do have the ability to decide what we want in our Life, but most people are unwilling to draw the picture of their future. Only when you really know what you want, you can go out of your box.
  2. Lack Of Focus – most people can be clear on their goal, but in time they lose track of it and they don’t know where they are going anymore. Focused people are not distracted by the things around them, they are not distracted by people that say no, by people that give up, they only see their goal. Is tremendous power in being focused, and even if you know what is your goal, if you don’t remain focused you won’t get out of your box.
  3. Insufficient Numbers Of Why – why should you do this, why should you invest your time, why should you endure the NO’s, if you don’t have enough numbers of why you will never get out of your box. When you know what your goal is and you are focused on it, just keep bringing yourself as many reasons of why to keep you on track. For most of the people are Money, and it’s nothing wrong with the money, money are neither good or bad, it does matter what people with money will do with them, but money will never give you happiness or significance and if money is your only reason, you won’t get out of your box. When your why is strong enough you will accomplish all your desires.
  4. A Lack Of Self-Esteem – many people just don’t like themselves. You should be in loved with you, so when you look in the mirror to really like you, and appreciate who you really are. You are unique individual, there is no one in the world like you and you have a purpose that is important in the history of human kind. It’s not an ego thing, but you have to fall in love of you, you have to really appreciate who you are, and when you come to accept that, with all your shortcomings, with all your strength points and week points, with all your talents and abilities, when you will accept you and appreciate you, than you won’t have to compare yourself with anybody else. And when you stop comparing yourself you will find a reservoir of energy, of creativity, of joy and happiness you never knew you have, all because you begin to believe in you. But if you don’t believe in yourself, you’re destined to rest in your box. So surround with people that can see your highest and your best, don’t get surround with people that put you down, find that group of people that lift you up.
  5. Inadequate Levels Of Beliefs – this is related to worthiness, if you don’t like yourself very much, you won’t fell you’re worthy and you will begin to lack believe in yourself. But there is also a danger in lacking believe in other people and if you look around you, you will see a tendency of blaming others, or circumstances (the economy, the government, the country, the company, the weather, the mother, the husband, the sister, the daughter) anybody, anything, but not them. And when we start blaming others and blaming circumstances at the same moment, we start losing believe in people, and when this happen the door of your box is locked forever and you locked yourself in. It’s not a good place to live in. You have to increase your level of belief. You have to expect to be successful, the power of expectation is one of the greatest power of life. Expect things to go well.
  6. Inadequate Knowledge – any worthy goal requires to learn new things. I don’t remember who said : “Wherever you are now, you cannot learn less” so is a matter of learning more. But maybe you are not sure what you need to learn in order to get where you want. Find out! Find out what you need, to get what you want to. Somebody else been there, somebody else knows what it is to be done, find a mentor. There are things to learn to be successful, find out what they are. There are some things to learn, not many, but there are. And in order to become successful, 90% of the things that we have to learn it has to do with our inside, not with what happened outside of us. Develop the character to be successful and you will be successful.
  7. Underdeveloped Skills – most of the time there are some skills that you need to improve, and you have to find out which of them needs improvement. Most of the skills are learned by doing. It’s helpful to have a mentor, but you have to do it, otherwise you will improve your mentor skills. And if you don’t have a mentor, just do it, and you will learn. You don’t have to be the greatest in the world, just develop the skills that you have.
  8. Insufficient Finances – Most people thinks this is the number 1 why they haven’t achieved their dreams. It’s not the no 1 reason. They think that if they had a little more money they will have had success. But almost never it’s the money problem, almost never. It’s an idea problem, it’s an attitude problem, it’s a belief problem. With good ideas and a great attitude you can get the funding to do whatever you want.
  9. Low Energy – there are some people that stay inside of their box, because they are tired all the time. You don’t want to be tired, you don’t talk about being tired, you should tell yourself you have unbounded energy. You should load energy from what you are doing, you shouldn’t spent energy on what you’re doing. Don’t allow yourself to have low energy. Stop indecision, stop your energy leaks, stop procrastination and start to say the right things about you and your energy. You don’t want to be tired, Life is too short to be tired all the time.
  10. Isolation From Support – this is really sad. You don’t need to go alone. Everyone needs help. If you need help ask, there is somebody there that can and will help. Don’t isolate yourself. Far too many people fail because they weren’t willing to ask for help. But there is always people who can help. Don’t isolate yourself, don’t stay in your box. If you isolate yourself, you could want to be successful from all your heart, you can learn some skills, you can learn the knowledge, but if you shut yourself in your box, you will always be in your box.

You must find out why you are on planet earth, which is the purpose of your life. And when you know why you are here, everything will fit together. It’s a powerful way to live and you just need to be willing to get out of your box. When you will be ready the right people and the right situations will come into your life helping you to achieve your goal.


Ioana Balanescu